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12333 Luyk Dr NE, Cedar Springs, MI

Thermally Enhanced Material Processing at Elevated Rates

Who we are

Temper is a small business that solves BIG problems.

Temper’s core competencies are in Research and Development, Design, Simulation, Experimental Testing Procedures, and Process Development. Our experience is in the coordination and management required to lead development programs from their conception all the way to completion. We have intimate knowledge of tooling, manufacturing, and design considerations required for developmental projects and specialize in the use of electromagnetic fields in the development of material processes


is to apply science and technology to solve big problems.

As a team, we create; generating solutions and converting them into processes and parts. Temper develops original ideas and leverages team resources to apply the science and produce industrial results.




You can contact Temper Inc. at: 

Cell: (616)-293-1349


Business Hours:

8AM-5PM Monday – Friday