Company History

Temper Inc. is an S-corporation born in research and development. Its origin begins with an R&D program titled Hot Metal Gas Forming (HMGF). HMGF was a multi-million dollar collaboration between 17 companies that included the likes of The Boeing Company, Ford Motor Company, AjaxTOCCO Magnethermic, and Tower Automotive, with Tower leading the program. Within Tower, Bill Dykstra was the advanced programs engineering manager and the principle investigator (PI) for HMGF. Tower, however, underwent explosive growth in the late 1990s and imploded due to its inability to sustain the expanding operations and acquisitions. In 2001, Tower stepped out of the HMGF program, and Bill left Tower and formed Temper Inc. Temper became the HMGF program leader, and Bill continued as PI for the program. Under Bill’s leadership, Temper brought the HMGF technology through the development stages all the way to commercialization so that Chrysler could use the technology to produce automotive frame rails. Commercialization of HMGF continued until the downturn of the automotive market in 2006. Since that time, Temper has continued leading collaborative efforts in research, development, and commercialization of new and unique technologies.

The success of Temper’s past and ongoing programs is due to our core competencies:

       •Program management of large R&D projects across multiple companies and disciplines
       •100+ years of combined tool construction and manufacturing refinement for state-of-the-art technologies
       •Expertise in 3-D design and simulation of mechanical, thermal, and fluid systems