Temper Values

Temper Inc. is a small business that specializes in developing innovative processes for manufacturing, and the skills of the Temper team reflect this. Every employee at Temper has an engineering background with supplementary experience and education needed to take innovations to market.  


Temper puts immense value on the relationships in our partnership network. It takes a team of experts and craftsmen to take on the visionary research programs that are ongoing at Temper inc.

William (Bill) Dykstra

President, Temper inc.

Bill Dykstra is the president and owner of Temper Inc. Bill’s expertise includes managing large interdisciplinary programs based in the automotive and aerospace manufacturing areas. In addition, he has 25 years’ experience in taking transformative processes and tooling research and moving them forward into series production. Bill has been the principal investigator or task leader of several previous government-funded programs. Under his direction, Temper has completed nearly 30 public and private research and development programs, a few of which exceeded 4 million dollars in size. In addition, he has a background in marketing advanced and innovative components within the automotive market.